Greeting for the Arrival Winter -Fashion Wishlist

Fall is going to the end, though i think i just meet it yesterday…Are you ready for saying “Hi” to Witter? 冬天.jpg

Except Autumn, Winter is my favorite season. I love it so much. Cause, winter makes me know that i am living in the wonderland where my friends, my families live in. The reason why i said this is because, we have to spent a lot in the winter. This seems ridiculous. But, it’s true.

Let me see….. Boot, coats, sweaters, hats, gloves,scarves…etc… All these cover ups can make you become huge like a tree. Just kidding.. Today, i’d like to show some items that i wanna to try in this winter. It’s my wishlist.

  1. Redbig coat + White shirt — Never out of date.
  2. White scarf — it’s the read coat’s best partner.
  3. Plaid skirt–We are still young, so try to be one you want.
  4. Cut solid leggings –In cold Winter, you need one.
  5. Black boots– This is really cool. I love it so much.

So, this is one of the style that i wanna to try in this Winter, what about yours? Leave me a comments if you love my style, and share with me yours. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Greeting for the Arrival Winter -Fashion Wishlist

    • lendy

      Great. Happy that this post is healthful. Thank you.
      I love this kind of coat and boots for a long time..haha.. And i think they are never out of time. So, buying one can keep fashion all winters.


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