The Sequel of Massager in My Mind–Gift Guide

In my recent post, i have mentioned some information about the massager. Massager are including many types:  full back massager chair, foot massager, back massager, shoulder and neck massager, massager pillow, hand-taken massager, etc… May be in future, there will be more and more kinds.

There are some comments of those massages. Such as: improving the blood circulation, relieve pain and relieve muscle tension, and so on… I am not a doctor, do not know its glossary…But i can show my feelings when using massager.


picture from Naipo in amazon

This is named massger pillow. It works very well for relieving neck/back pain. This massager work with 4 shiatsu balls, heating function.  Just like some one use her hands to help relax. What’s more it provide a full refund within 30 days with no reason, 2 years warranty, so, i think no need to worry any after sale problems of it.

Tissue is sometimes made a little more sore for a day after using this, especially if your muscles were very tight beforehand. Um.. this feeling just like after running 1 miles with my lazy body which  haven’t do any sports for 1 months. not strong like this, but something similar.

I have to work over time every day seating in front of computer. So, i love it and I needed it working out. It’s listed in my gift guide successfully.




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