Amazon Affiliate — Sad Story…

Do you know Amazon Affiliate? Have you tried to join in free?

Actually, i have. At first, i think this is the great way to earn little allowance in my free time. haha.. Definitely, at first it is!

I am really happy with it. Cause i think, that’s really a easy way to make money from Amazon Affiliate. Here is what i achieved in the first week:


Totally there are 46 orders, and 12 orders shipped out, i earned $10. Traffic and orders are coming so fast~~ Actually, i do not know what exactly happened. I just share links i worked with, and share the coupon code i get in all my social media: blog, facebook, forums, google+ , etc… All is great at first, $10 income, really easy.

But, after 2 days i receive an email from Amazon groups. They says: my blog is too “low”… i think i gonna cry… cause, i spent so many free time to share links…but nothing returned at last… haha….


So, after this bad experience, i make a decision! I will keep updating my blog, will never let Amazon to close my account again…Keep on going…

Well… time goes fast… you might think this is the final. However, I have opened another affiliate account in Amazon. This time, i think, there will be no chance for amazon to close my account….Well……after 1 week, i received another “14 orders”,  received another email from Amazon Affiliate again… account closed!!!

So, this tell us that, if we wanna to make money from Affiliate, we should have a good blog…

No 3rd time…No..




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