My Daily Working Life –Big Mix…

Finding new facebook fan pages, youtube, blogs, news sites, deals and pinterests and so on, trying to take cooperation with them are my daily works.

I am working for an Amazon brand, in charge of the US market. My goal is to make all the listing items in the top 5. There is a long way to go~~yeah~~But, i think (hope), i can achieve it step by step.

Negotiating with hundreds of social channels every day, i think, i need to fond more media sources,  cause seldom can be working together. Day by day, it’s more and more difficult to found new souse…I think, i need someone to help me, show me some brainstorms…


Our items are in high cost, but low profits. So, before taking the cooperation, i have to consider and check a lot. Take the blog as an example, i need to know its daily/ monthly traffic , unique visitors, the followers, comments,and weather there are some other social medias.


I am really love deals site. It’s the most active way and easy way to achieve the sales theLabel hot deals (clipping path included) traffic goal. Cause, once we get responds from the deals official site, and we are satisfied its conditions (feedback/reviews), we can take it. Just need to pay~    But, we can not take deals every day right? So… still need to found some other social medias.

youtube-iconYoutube is another KEY/MAJOR channels to propaganda the Brand or products. Cause most of people will spent 2 hours daily watching videos online.  Well, may be there are more. It shows that YouTube is the active way. However, there is a big problems i meet…That is, most YouTube request a high compensation. May be some YouTube owners who read my words wanna to “discuss” this problems with me, hahaha… I know that, YouTube owners need spent a lot before its video online.  Considering we are seller, we have to consider revenue/income.

Um~~~ Long way to go~~ but, never give up…

pinterest-seo-tips  Keep on next time………………………………………..635847974891062780-425303270_news

Best wishes.


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