Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate– My 3rd time.

If you have read my former blog you will know that, this is my 3rd affiliate account.

See the report below: i have start this on 13th and keep on sharing every day. Considering my blog is new, there are not so many views a day, so the traffic is low…


However, here comes orders!!! Really fast! It’s amazing!!! Cause, i can’t believe i can get the orders in such a high efficiency. Now, i have eared $5. But, i am still worried… Will Amazon close my account again?

Any way, i’d like to keep on going.

And this time, i’d like to show you something i did in this Amazon affiliate.

First, if you wanna to open an affiliate account, you should have your own blog. Click “Become an Affiliate” to start your affiliate trip.


Then, “Join Now for Free”.6632027882chatroom_1479697250919_23

If you have an Amazon account, this will be easier for you to login in.


Then, after signing in, you have to leave all of your information Amazon needed: name, your blog link… Get your own link, to share on your blog first, then, share it to all of the social medias.

If you are interested in, let’s leave me a comment. I will keep on writing this in details.

Here are the amazon items i wanna to share with you today:


From Amazon, Naipo Back Massage Cushion Back Massager with 3D Shiatsu Kneading and Heat, Use code: NaipoMD5 get it with 17% off.

thank you.





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