My Weekend — Climbing Time

I love weekend because i can spend time to do something i love.

Climbing is one of my hobby, but seldom have time to go out.So, the 2 days weekend is special for us.

It’s raining on the Saturday Morning here when we have arrived at the foot of the mountain. Lucky, it’s cloudy after  1 hour.

We spent 2 hours from foot to the peak. There are thousands of stone steps. We have to climb step by 13step, cause its a little slippery.

When we arrived the middle of the mountain, there are foggy around the trees, just like we stand in the clouds, will arrive to the sky. Woo~~ when we found that, we feel amazing.

There are lots of people like us, who are interested in climbing at the weekend. We are really happy that we are not alone.6

That’s a great feeling that, after 2 hours climbing, step by step, then,achieve the destination. Strong wind on the top and because it’s raining before, so, it’s cold on there. So, i respected the ones who sold beauty items at that place.

There are dreamers sharing their music with their guitar, it’s his own stage here with the nature and climbers around. They might know it’s hard to be the one in the movie, but, they love their dreams.


Beautiful scenery, beautiful songs, beautiful climbers. Love!

My body is really pain after this 4 hours climbing, cause seldom doing exercise…So, i used the massager to relieve my muscles. Back Massage Cushion Back Massager with 3D Shiatsu Kneading and Heat, this help me a lot.4


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