Idol Socks

Winter is coming near~ So, today, i’d like to show you some ideas about socks. Socks are necessary items to keep warm in winter. Cause, comparing with coats, sweaters, socks are small, sometimes most of us might be ignore the style of them…

There are so many kinds of “socks” in the market: knee sock, short sock, anklet, hose,stocking… OMG….Any way, i just named them totally “Sock.”

Absolutely, they are something to show your own style!! I love socks, even in the hot Summer.


Simple print low cut sock, it’s the best friends with me. Cause i’d like to wear sneakers in summer too. But, i do not wanna to show it out,so, this kind of sock are the best choice. Cause they can be hided in my shoes.

In the cold winter, don’t wear the ones like this. You will be heart by the strong wind and cold airflow.


This knee sock, something like the “rocking style.” I seldom wear this kind of socks, but, i love its style. Simple. Wear this kind of sock with a long coat+ shorts/skirts, imagine it, totally cool.


This kind of socks are really cute. They suits for all the girls. You might need one for your Autumn and Winter.


School style—Never out of date. Easy to wear, easy to collocate.


Will you show your socks out like this? If you have not before, you could try one like this kind, white+ black striped.

This might be excursive… but, just something in my mind.



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